Figure comparing conventional 3D seismic and P-Cable seismic in the Hoop area. High-resolution P-Cable 3D data reveals superior imaging of reservoir sequences across leads in 24th round blocks. Both datasets are processed using TGS  Clari-Fi™ method.


VBPR has led the development of the P-Cable high-resolution 3D seismic technology since 2001, and co-founded the P-Cable 3D Seismic AS (P3S) company in 2008. P3S was sold to the Houston-based company NCS Subsea in July 2016. VBPR is the co-owner of an extensive multi-client P-Cable data base in the Barents and Norwegian seas, and will continue to work with P-Cable data to develope multi-client surveys world-wide. 


"Extremely high resolution"  -  Recent interviews with VBPR and OMV about P-Cable high-res data  (GEO nr.5 2017)
NPD: "Excellent tool for risk-reduction of all types of wells on the NCS"  -  NPD presenting P-Cable 3D on Sentralbankhøgda, NE Barents Sea (video)


P-Cable | Barents Sea Interpretation Report

Multi-disciplinary integrated study of the Hoop and Bjarmeland Platform areas aimed at improving exploration success in the 24th round blocks.

P-Cable | Barents Sea

15 high-resolution P-Cable 3D cubes and 2D wide azimuth profiles mainly in the Hoop and Barents SE areas.

P-Cable | Norwegian Sea

2D wide-azimuth profile in the outer Vøring Basin.